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"I believe the purpose of my work is to bring a sense of peace and serenity into a world where chaos has become the norm."

About Louise


“I consider one’s art an extension of one’s life. My work, whether painting, drawing, writing, gardening, or performing is a visual or written translation of my life,  feelings, people I have encountered, places I have been, and things I have seen.” Louise Cutler

Louise Cutler is a Fort Collins based creationist, artist, vocalist, writer and sculptor. Her work is motivated by her desire to create beauty that cultivates truth, peace and harmony. Ms Cutler considers one’s art an extension of one’s life. How one lives will reflect in what you create.

Ms Cutler has traveled internationally to such places as Niger Africa, Turkey, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Vienna to the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and the Enter Bosch: The Paintings Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Slovakia, Egypt, Egyptian Museum, Alexandria, and India Old Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, London's, National Gallery and Tate Gallery. While In Paris she visited The Louvre and the Musée Marmottan Monet. In Rome she visited the Vatican, The Galleria Borghese and many of the churches in search of artist treasures. One of her greatest desires as an artist is to see all the great masters work she has ever read about or studied in school.

Ms Cutler's work has been featured in Art Business News, Art World News, Edge Of Faith and Beyond Words Magazine. She was selected as one of Art Business News’ magazines "Top Emerging Artists". Ms. Cutler painting "Alone", recently was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts In London England Summer exhibition 2021. Her work exhibited in The Museum of Science and Industry “Black Creativity”, The DuSable Museum Of African American History, Museum Of Arts in Fort Collins, Sculpture In The Park, Stola Contemporary Art Gallery Chicago,  Arvada Art Center Gallery, Arvada Co as well as countless galleries around the country.  As of late Ms Cutler's projects have been community based focusing on the black cultural experience in her art and community. Ms. Cutler’s latest projects include, being the featured Artist for CSU, "Social Justice Through The Arts Program", working with student of color during Black History Month to create personal murals that exhibit at the Foothills Mall June of 2022, being a member of the committee for Fort Collins Juneteenth Celebration, curating  “A Culture Preserved In The Black Experience.” for the Museum Of Arts Fort Collins July-Oct. 2022, and  Exhibition of Artist of Black/African American descent,  She is also the founder and creator of the Beauty Of Blackness Fine Art Show/Festival held in Fort Collins during Labor Day weekend each Sept., and She was recently selected to be a member of the board  for the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, Colorado State University and is looking forward to assist in bring yet another culturally rich Black/African American Art exhibit to the university and Fort Collins in the near future. 

Ms Cutler's work is collected across the country and in many private collections.

“I believe in using every medium at my disposal as a form of creative expression so I am in a continual state of creativeness”. Louise Cutler

Artist Statements 

My work almost always starts with a figurative form, and then everything else grows around it. It's as if the figure gives birth to the rest; without the figure, the painting cannot exist. I am a Mix-media, multi-cultural artist and sculptor with a focus on nature and the clothed human form. Simplicity, peace, harmony, and calm is my mantra. I believe my art is created out of the over flow of love, wisdom, peace and faith given to me by my heavenly Father to share with the world. This is echo throughout my work. My work is about bringing about change where you stand. 

In my mind and artist must withdraw from the what is and rely on the what if, and why not. The probability of something greater. Man is limited by what he sees with his eyes. One can only achieve true creativity by stepping outside of sight and into insight.  We must remove our blinders in order to see true reality. By doing this we will be able to change our world

My Bronze pieces are birth out of my paintings.  Each painting is and incubator for something greater, as I recreate the different forms from my paintings in clay they become an entirely new body of work. This new work seems to come alive in my hands in three-dimensional form, birth from a creation to form yet another creation. Much like our creator formed us. 

Art and creativity were meant to be shared.

Artist, Louise Cutler


The Fine Art of Gilding is the process of affixing tissue-thin sheets of precious or common metals to a carefully-prepared surface using a special adhesive size to create a lustrous metallic finish. Gilding is an ancient craft that dates back to Egyptian and Biblical times. Gilding was very popular in Italy during the middle ages, until the late Renaissance. It was used to highlight religious paintings and carvings. In the world of art today, crafters use gilding typically as a decorative adornment for furnishings and craft related items.


Ms. Cutler chose to use gilding in her painting after a visit to the Louvre in Paris. Her favorite galley contained the religious art of the Italian Renaissance period. She was fascinated with the use of metal leaf in the work. It was used not only as a form of showing of the divine, but also on garments. This is where she first discovered her love for this art form. She marveled at its illusional effect of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. After returning home she began to learn all she could about gilding and the materials needed. She decided to use metal leaf in her paintings to enhance and highlight the illusion of simplistic grandeur. Ms. Cutler works with several different types of metal leaf: 21 and 23 kt. gold, white gold, copper, variegated and dutch metal leaf. The variegated leaf is one of her favorite metals. It is a heat-treated composition that creates colorful patterns on the surface of the metal. You will see this metal in quite a few of Ms. Cutler’s paintings. She discontinued the use of sterling silver metal in her painting because it tarnished, and exchanged it with white gold.

Ms. Cutler designs her gowns and robes with a sense of delicate elegance, glamor, and sophistication. In her paintings, Ms. Cutler uses two forms of acrylic mediums: a liquid acrylic, which is a fluid version of acrylic having the consistency of ink that produces some amazing iridescent colors, and a more concentrated condensed acrylic. She also uses ink instead of water along with her acrylic to eliminate water’s diluting effects on the colors. She chose watercolor paper for its texture, surface, and durability. Unlike canvas, watercolor paper creates the illusion of delicacy that works well with her painting style. She did, however, experience some degree of difficulty when applying metal leaf to the surface of the watercolor paper because of its absorbency. Through trial and error, she finally came up with a solution that worked.

She purposely leaves out the face. “I find faces irrelevant to this work. They would only add complications to the viewer. As with my paintings, my sculptures are meant to be enjoyed in their entirety, from the form out, not just for the sake of a face.” Ms. Cutler ideas and style references are often from her own imagination: old photos that she has purchased at estate sales or flea markets, late European masters and the Asian culture. “I find this eclectic blend of cultures and forms fascinating and refreshing.” She leaves the negative space in her painting to their own devices to form as they please. “I find when left alone negative space creates a nice sense of balance giving the viewer a place to find calm and rest. It’s like having a place to lay one's head.”

The Governess


Mrs. Cutler uses two basic sculpting techniques: Relief and Sculpture in the Round. The term relief is from the Latin verb relevo, to raise. To create a relief one must give the appearance that the sculpted materials have been raised above the background plane. There are different degrees of relief, however, Mrs. Cutler prefers to use the High Relief technique (Alto-rilievo). High Relief is created when more than fifty percent of the depth is shown. The other technique she uses is the Sculpture in the Round or freestanding sculpture. The Sculpture in the round is not attached to any other surface (except for possibly a base). Reliefs are at least partly attached to a background surface whereas freestanding sculptures are not.

Mrs. Cutler sculptures are unique,  they began their journey as paintings. Ms Cutler started transforming her paintings into sculptures in 2012. However, the idea came to her 9 years before when she began creating a series of paintings entitled the “Awakening of the Spirit”. While working on the painting entitled “Mother’s Love” she noticed a free-forming sculpture-like feel to the image. As she stood back to observe her work it became clear that this piece would one day be transformed into a sculpture.

The Gatherer


Up Coming Exhibits
  • A Culture Preserved In The Black Experience, Museum Of Art Fort Collin Co. July-Oct 2022
  • CWCA, Best Of Women, Stola Contemporary Art Gallery Chicago, Jan – March 2022
  • Art Of The State Arvada Art Center Gallery, Arvada Co Jan- March 2022
  • Members Exhibit, Over, Under, Further, Forever, Denver Co. Jan – Feb 2022
  • The Royal Academy Summer Art Exhibition, London Sept 22, 2021-Jan 2, 2022
  • The Beauty Of Blackness Fine Art Show Exhibit, Fort Collins Co. Aug. -Sept 2021
  • Creative Quarantine Exhibit, Springfield Massachusetts May 2021
  • Solo Exhibit, Four Chapter Gallery, Kanase City, January-Febuary 2021
  • Group Exhibit, Hamilton Gallery Denver January - April 2021
  • Group Online Exhibit Grace Commons "Advent", Boulder, Dec. 2020
  • Group Exhibit, Deep Breath, Denver Seminary, Sep-Dec. 2020

Louise Working In Studio

  • Social Justice thru the Arts Summer Institute, Featured Artist, Colorado State University 2022
  • Female Artist of the Year
    African American Voice 2008
    Colorado Springs Co.
  • Dusable Museum
    Chicago, July, 2000
    Award of Distinction
  • City of Evanston /
    Evanston Arts Council, Cultural Fund Grant, 2000
  • Manhattan Arts International l9th Annual Cover Art Competition
    New York, NY
    Artist Showcase Award
    July-August 2000 Issue
  • Manhattan Arts International
    New York, NY
    Herstory Competition
    Honorable Mention
    March-April, 2000
  • City of Evanston /
    Evanston Arts Council, Cultural Fund Grant, 1998
  • Art Work Featured In WGCI-AM/FM & Kraft Foods
    1999, Calendar of African-American Art
News Articles
  • Ellen Pritsker “Cutler Makes Art Garden Grow”, Pioneer Press, Diversions Section August, 2001
  • Ted Kleine “Gallery Tripping: Field and Street”, Chicago Reader, June 2001, Read Article: https://chicagoreader.com/arts-culture/gallery-tripping-field-and-street/ 
  • Victoria Scott “Louise’s Garden: Serenity and Serendipity Along the Tracks” Evanston Round Table, June 2000
  • Weekend With The Masters
    Colorado Springs, CO 2009
  • Malcolm X. Jr. College: Chicago IL. Sept. 1983- May 1986
    Major: Fine Art with a minor in Child Development
    Received an Associate in Fine Art
  • University Of Illinois At Chicago, Sept.. 1986- June 1987
    Major: Early Childhood Education, and Art Education
  • Academy of Merchandise An Design, Sept. 1987- June 1988
    Major: Fashion Design
  • ISACCN Illinois School Age Child Care Network March 1996
    School Age Child Care Staff Conference
  • Artworks, 1997 and Potshop, 1997
    Pottery Work: Wheel Throwing
Teaching Positions and Work Shop Invitations
  • Social Justice thru the Arts Summer Institute, Featured Artist, Colorado State University 2022
  • Your History Your Dream youth Project,  2022
  • In The Studio With Louise Cutler Present
  • Traut Core Knowledge
    Elementary 2012
    Speaking Engagement
  • Colorado Spring Fine Art Center:
    Bemis School of Arts 08 -10
  • Colorado Springs Colorado
    Colorado Springs Christian Academy
    Artist Day 2009, Colorado Springs Co.
  • Noyes Cultural Arts Center, February, 2001, Evanston IL
  • Chicago Park District, Chicago IL. 1993-1997
    Head of the Cultural Arts Department
    Special Recreational Activity Instructor, Specializing in Art, Craft and Drama
    After school and summer day camp program coordinator
  • Evanston Art Center, Evanston IL. 1997-1999
    Part time After School and Summer camp Art Instructor
  • Noyes Cultural Art Center, Evanston IL. 2001
    Creator of Youth and parent Art Worksh
Art Related Television Appearances
  • UPN’s channel 50 “Kids Talk” program on behalf of the Chicago Park District 1997
  • Cable Channel 6 in Evanston on behalf of the Noyes Cultural Arts Center. February 2001
Selected Past Exhibitions
  •  Deep Breath, Denver Seminary art show 2020
  • Beauty Of Blackness Fine Art Show 2020
  • Colorado Showcase 2018
    Nov. 2- Dec. 24
    Parker Co.
    Sculpture In The Park 2018
    36th Annual Show
    August 9th, 10th and 11th, 2019
    Loveland Co.
  • Shapes Fort Collins
    Museum of Arts 2012
    F/C Colorado
  • New York Art Expo 2012
    New York NY
  • Studio Tour Exhibition 2011
    Fort Collins Co.
  • Colorado Technical College, June 2007, Colorado Springs Co.
  • Barnes & Noble Book Sellers
    April 2004, Colorado Springs Co.
  • Nicole Gallery, Consciousness and Condition III March -May 2004, Downtown Chicago
    Nicole Gallery, Downtown Chicago, January, 1999,2002, 2003
  • New York Art Expo
    February, 2002/2003
  • Cafe Express Gallery
    The World As I See It
    August, 2001, Evanston IL
  • ARC Gallery, July, 2002, Chicago
  • Dusable Museum, And The Winners Are, 2000 award winners
    July, 2001, Chicago, IL
  • Noyes Cultural Arts Center, February, 2001, Evanston IL
    Anatomically Correct, Art in Public Spaces, Northlight Theatre, February, 2001 Skokie IL
  • Tall Grass Art Association, Visions of Africa, February, 2001, Park Forest IL
  • D-Gallery, December, 2000, Evanston IL
  • Havre De Grace Arts Commission
    10th International art Exhibition
    July, 2000, Havre de Grace, MD
  • Blue Moon Gallery
    June, 2000, Skokie IL
  • Art Association of Harrisburg
    72nd Annual Juried Exhibition
    May, 2000, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Tall Grass Art Association
    April, 2000, Park Forest, IL
  • 13th Annual Women’s Works Fine Art Exhibit Woodstock, IL.,March thru April, 2000
  • Uptown Public Library,
    Chicago, IL, February, 2000
  • Museum of Science and Industry
    Black Creativity, Chicago, IL., January, 2000
  • Art in the Rail Garden,
    Evanston, IL. July, 1999
  • Evanston Art Center,
    Evanston, IL., July, 1999
  • Las Manos Gallery,
    Chicago, IL., March, 1999
  • Chicago Art Open,
    Chicago Artists’ Coalition,
    November, 1998
  • Boulevard Art Center,
    “Strength”, Chicago, March, 1997
  • Douglas Park Cultural and Community Center, Gallery 1401
    “The Strength of Womanhood,
    March 1997
    “Black History Exhibit, February, 1997
    “Art Across Chicago”, November,1996
  • Fairs and Festivals
    Edwards Fine Arts Festival
    Edwards Co 2011
  • Windsor Fine Arts Festival
    Windsor Co 2011
  • Creative Garden Fine Arts Festival,
    Fort Collins Co 2011
  • Merchandise Mart
    One of A Kind, Fine Art Exhibition
    December, 2001, Chicago
    Paradise City
    Fairs of Fine and Functional Art
    North Hampton, Ma and Philadelphia
  • Thunderbird Artist Fine Art and Wine Festival
    Carefree, Co.
  • Brekinridge Fine Arts Festival
    Breckinridge Co.