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"I believe the purpose of my work is to bring a sense of peace and serenity into a world where chaos has become the norm."

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Workshops and Community Projects

Louise Cutler Studio is dedicated to enriching the art community in Fort Collins and its surrounding areas in Colorado. Our goal is to continuously enhance the creative landscape by organizing workshops and exhibitions that celebrate and reflect the diverse experiences of people of color. Through these initiatives, we aim to foster a more inclusive and vibrant artistic community.We believe that art has the power to bridge divides and bring people together, and our studio is a testament to this belief. By collaborating with local artists, educators, and cultural organizations, we provide a platform where voices from all backgrounds can be heard and appreciated.
In addition to our workshops and exhibitions, Louise Cutler Studio also offers mentorship programs for emerging artists, giving them the tools and support they need to thrive in their artistic endeavors. We are committed to nurturing talent and encouraging creative expression in all its forms.

Artist Available For Workshops and Art Talks: Louise Cutler, Efilaf Arts Department, Jasmine Henley, Karen Drewry, Adderley Grant Lord,

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We Are Exhibit and Workshop

Workshop 2022

youth murals

Exhibit and Workshop 2022

Workshop with BIPOC Alliance Fort Collins

The project, "Your History Your Dream," pairs students together to create their own visual "I Have a Dream" piece, exploring what it means to them and their future. Each pair will begin by writing and conceptualizing their dreams on paper. They will then trace each other's bodies on a 6-foot piece of canvas, overlapping the outlines using markers. Within these outlines, students will visually represent their dreams and historical stories through painting, stenciling, collage, and other materials. Where the bodies intersect, the students will collaborate, combining their visions to create a unified final piece.




Karen Heads

A Culture Preserved In The Black Experience 2022

Art Exhibit at the Museum Of Art Fort Collins

The purpose of this exhibition extends beyond mere preservation; it seeks to foster cultural awareness, affirmation, and appreciation. By providing a platform for Black American artists, "A Culture Preserved (In the Black Experience)" offers a space where the voices and experiences of Black Americans can be seen, heard, and celebrated.



Art show

Beauty Of Blackness Fine Art show

The Beauty Of Blackness Fine Art Show offers a distinctive indoor Fine Art exhibition tailored for collectors and art enthusiasts seeking to acquire unique pieces. Our showcase highlights original works by Black and African American artists, providing a curated selection for homes and offices in Northern Colorado. What sets us apart from other art exhibitions is our exclusive focus on original artwork, enabling collectors to acquire one-of-a-kind pieces.


Community Art project, junteenth

Quilt project

Community Quilt Project

Juneteenth Community Quilt Project. Created with Louise Cutler Studio and sewn by Roselyn Cutler

Social Justice for the arts

Social JUstice

social justice

Social Justice for the Arts

CSU Summer camp

SOCIAL JUSTICE THRU THE ARTS (SJTA) teaches basic social justice concepts and advocacy through integrated work and exploration in the arts. Participants engage in hands-on learning in storytelling, movement and dance, image theatre, designing and painting, creative writing, social and digital media, and film/video.

SJTA 2022
Feature Artist Louise Cutler - Amending, A-mending History


Artist Workshop

Freedom Of Expressions

Freedom expression

Freedom of Expression Work Shop with Efilaf Art Depart

In an interview during the event artist Wayne Gipson, explained his purpose behind the workshop stating, “What we are trying to do with this workshop is give the kids another outlet to express themselves.” He then explained the power of art in its ability to express a moment, a feeling, a message, or even a thought. This beauty does not come without turmoil, as Gipson describes the complexities of being vulnerable with one’s thoughts and emotions and expressing them with a new medium. “So today,” Gipson states, “comfort is the focus. We’re not trying to create any particular piece, just get comfortable with the art process.”

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Painting with Jazz

Painting with Jazz

Black History Month 2023

Painting with Jasmine

Freedom Mural

Community Mural

Community Freedom Mural

Juneteeth 2023-2024

workshop Artist Louise Cutler 

one love

One Love

one love

One Love Workshop

Black History month with BIPOC Alliance

Producers workshop


Producer/Director Workshop 2024

With Chuke Whitman

song writers workshop

Song writers work shop

Song Writers Workshop

with Wayne G sponsor by BIPOC Alliance

Studio Art Group

Studio Art Group

Studio Art Group

I host and art group in my studio once a week.

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